Nishiizu Koyoi ~ The Fuji Manor ~

Welcome to Nishiizu Koyoi Onsen! Guests would summarise our accommodation into our three key features: wonderful ocean view, modernness within traditional Japanese-style, and amazing open-air baths.

Our Japanese-style tatami rooms come with a flat-screen TV. It also features Japanese yukata robe, slippers, free toiletries and a hair dryer. Feel free to wear our traditional geta shoes when you have a walk outside.

Enjoy delicious dinner with your beloved one at our Nishiizu Koyoi Dining Area. After the meal, walk to our sea-view lounge and watch the night sky over the ocean with glasses of wine.

Experience the mind-healing stay with us at a serene seaside village, away from your busy city life.
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A Guide to Your Wonderful Stay with Us

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Unmount your baggages at our Japanese-style room. The rooms are floored with tatami (woven-straw), spacious and clean. They come with separate bathroom. You can enjoy a cup of tea at the seating area.

Hot spring with ocean view cannot sound better. Dip yourself in the natural hot spring bath after check-in and feel your stress going away.

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Wine and dine at our cozy private dining area, and taste the true Japanese kaiseki cuisine which we proudly offer with our best delicacy.

After dinner, relax yourself into the comfortable sofas and watch the serene ocean horizon from the view lobby lounge. You can enjoy additional wine from the 8-types wine server or enjoy the free drinks from the drink corner.

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